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Meet Scott

Scott Schaben is a native of western Iowa and a 15 year resident of Story County. Born in Harlan, Iowa in 1974, Scott attended Carroll Kuemper Catholic High School, graduating in 1993. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1993 and served until his honorable discharge in 1999 so he could attend college. He is a graduate of Iowa State University, earning his B.S. degree in Marketing in May of 2003. After graduation, Scott worked as a sales professional in his family business until 2006 when he started his career in the Automotive Industry. Quickly working his way up in the business, he has served as a Sales Manager for a dealership in Ames from March of 2009 to July of 2013. Scott left the Automotive Industry to run for U.S. Senate. Last Fall, he returned to the same dealership where he had previously worked. Scott is now trying to bring his brand of pragmatic leadership to the Story County Board of Supervisors. Scott’s credentials as a common sense leader are solid. As such, he will be a supporter of local solutions, focusing on what is in the best interest of Story County residents while also offering a common sense and pragmatic approach to our helping grow our economy. More than anything else, Scott believes that the biggest single issue our county currently faces is maintaining our balanced budget. After spending a quarter-century with an unbalanced budget, our current Board was able to return us to a balanced budget. Scott wants to ensure we continue to keep our county government’s fiscal house in order, and we are able to tackle any issues that may arise that might jeopardize our current sound fiscal footing. And finally, he knows our residents want someone who is willing to roll up his sleeves and work side-by-side with all of the employees and citizens of Story County.

What Scott Cares About

• Budget

Scott believes that the foundation of a sound fiscal house is a balanced budget. He will work tirelessly to ensure the financial decisions of today will be a strong foundation for future generations.

• Economy

In an effort to continue the positive growth we have experienced in recent years, Scott will continue to market Story County as the premier spot in the nation not only for a company to grow its business, but also for its employees to grow their families.

• Government Transparency & Accessibility

As a public servant, Scott believes in absolute transparency and accessibility. Not only will he strive to always improve the current level of transparency, he will also hold rotating office hours to make himself as accessible as possible to every person in our county.

Countdown to the General Election!